Jon Knolle in eleventh place in the elite race of the GP of the Canton of Aargau

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Jon Knolle in eleventh place in the German national cycling league in Gippingen

On Swiss soil in Gippingen, in the German Bundesliga, and Team Vorarlberg right in the middle of it all. Jon Knolle finishes eleventh in the elite race today. He was dropped shortly before the finish on his way to the top five places.

Nikolas Riegler and Jannis Peter finish the fast race in the field.

Line-up Team Vorarlberg: Dominik Amann, Daniel Heidegger, Nikolas Riegler, Jon Knolle, Jannis Peter;

Next race: Int. Oberösterreich Rundfahrt UCI 2.2 from 13 – 16.06.!

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