Time out for Team Vorarlberg pro rider Moran Vermeulen after psychological problems!

“Time out” – Moran Vermeulen can currently no longer!

It got quiet at the team presentation last Friday evening in Vorarlberg. Moran Vermeulen, a member of Team Vorarlberg since 2023, explained in his usual open, direct manner that he would have to take a break for an indefinite period. The reason: persistent psychological problems.

The 26-year-old Austrian Pro rider found clear words for what many people don’t talk about, but which is particularly prevalent in top-class sport, and has now pulled the handbrake. 

Excerpt from the interview with Moran Vermeulen: https://k19.at/player/da604069-2618-413a-80ad-0d97478c050f 

The entire Team Vorarlberg is firmly behind Moran. He will now take his time and inform us about the next steps when he is ready!

The entire cycling family wishes you Moran lots of confidence and all the best for your difficult stage!

Info about Moran Vermeulen: https://www.procyclingstats.com/rider/moran-vermeulen

Press service Team Vorarlberg